2019 Spotify Wrapped

Hello lovelies !! I am back today with a music related post right before the end of 2019 !! I love when Spotify releases a personal playlist filled with “Your Top Songs” every year, and today I am going to share my 2019 Wrapped with all of y’all.


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A.G. Howard’s Y.A. Books are Whimsically Wonderful

I’m so excited to finally be reviewing the “Splintered Series” by A.G. Howard. The books in this series include: Splintered, Unhinged, Ensnared, and Untamed. I truly enjoyed each one of these books and even got my mom to read them! She’s also a fan. I’ve learned that the Y.A. genre can sometimes include more adult content than what I’m comfortable with at my age (without any warnings on the book!), so I also appreciate the fact that A.G. Howard’s books are not only very well written, but she handles the “steamy” content in a very tasteful way. You can always check Goodreads for more detailed information, and I’ve provided the links to these books in my review below.



Splintered was the first book I read by A.G. Howard. The whole Splintered Series is a retelling of Lewis Carroll’s classic, “Alice in Wonderland.” I’m a HUGE fan of Alice in Wonderland, so I was immediately intrigued by the series and its premise. The story follows the main character, Alyssa Gardner, and her adventures in Wonderland. Alyssa is such a strong female character, and I really enjoyed the way she interacted with the other characters. Her relationships with Jebediah Holt and Morpheus are nothing short of entertaining! Both characters help Alyssa get through her journey in Wonderland and the author does a wonderful job juggling all of their personalities. This book was whimsically wonderful and I truly loved reading it!



The next book in the Splintered series, Unhinged, was just as amazing as the first book. Unhinged takes the reader even deeper into Alyssa’s story while she faces another Wonderland quest in order to protect the lives of those she loves. Unhinged includes more comedic moments than Splintered and is a lighter read than the first book. I absolutely love how the banter between Alyssa, Jeb, and Morpheus is developed in this sequel. Totally enjoyable!



The last book in the Splintered series, Ensnared, was my favorite book out of the whole series. The romance is absolutely swoon worthy (especially when it included Jebediah Holt!). Ensnared follows Alyssa as she tries to find a way to keep both Wonderland and reality safe along with those that she loves in these worlds. At this point in the Splintered Series, I was very invested and could see that the characters were learning that “to truly love, they must let go.” It was the perfect ending to a whimsically, wonderful series.



The novella tie-in for the Splintered series, Untamed, was a quick but entertaining read. The loose ends from the Splintered series were tied up nicely in this final book. As you read and understand the story from additional character’s perspectives, it only makes you love them more. Make sure you have your tissues ready for this one! The Splintered Series impacted my taste in books tremendously. I’m happy that I entered the Y.A. genre with these wonderful books and with this wonderful author.

This series is still one of my personal favorites, and I know you’ll love it too! I hope that this review inspires you to read A.G. Howard’s “Splintered Series” and learn to love getting lost in a book as much as I do.