2019 Spotify Wrapped

Hello lovelies !! I am back today with a music related post right before the end of 2019 !! I love when Spotify releases a personal playlist filled with "Your Top Songs" every year, and today I am going to share my 2019 Wrapped with all of y'all. 2019 WRAPPED If I Can't Have You … Continue reading 2019 Spotify Wrapped


HI GUYS !! I am SO excited to be back and blogging better than ever !! To better introduce myself, my name is Ryleigh and I love a lot of things in this world but below are just a few of my faves… FAVORITE COLOR:  Mint green / Tiffany blue but I love all bright … Continue reading THE BUTTERFLY BLOGGER

A.G. Howard’s Y.A. Books are Whimsically Wonderful

I'm so excited to finally be reviewing the "Splintered Series" by A.G. Howard. The books in this series include: Splintered, Unhinged, Ensnared, and Untamed. I truly enjoyed each one of these books and even got my mom to read them! She's also a fan. I’ve learned that the Y.A. genre can sometimes include more adult … Continue reading A.G. Howard’s Y.A. Books are Whimsically Wonderful