Hi guys!!! My name is Rye and I’m the reader and the writer working behind the scenes on the blog, Pages in Perspective. I blog to de-compress and to hopefully help others find reading as an interesting and creative outlet, too.

As you can probably tell from the name of my blog, I love to read. I believe reading is very important because the reader can experience so many different stories and adventures through the printed pages, but I’ve learned that it can sometimes be challenging to find good / appropriate books for my age group. I can see a lot of reading and writing in my future because these are two things I really love, and I hope some of my reviews might also help you as you navigate the sea of available books! I’m quite the busy bee, but my goal is to post at least one book review a month. Fingers crossed I can make this happen! When I’m not reading or writing I love dancing, sleeping, or spending time with friends and family.

And since my books are some of my most precious treasures, I hope you will soon find some treasures of your own. Not only do I invest time in writing blog posts for Pages in Perspective, but I take pictures to go along with my reviews and also enjoy posting on my bookstagram. Since y’all know the basics of what I love to do, I’ll share some fun facts:

  • My favorite colors are Tiffany Blue / Mint Green (along with pink and purple, of course!)
  • I love Sweet Tea and the Frosted Coffee from Chick-Fil-A
  • I love the TV shows Grey’s Anatomy and Stranger Things
  • I love, love, love eating food with friends
  • I truly love to dance …a LOT!
  • I have a new-found obsession with my Canvas Bible

There’s more, but I’ll save the rest for future posts. And if you’ve read this far, thank you so much for listening to my random thoughts and I hope you’ll stay and join me on my new blogging adventure!





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